Chocolate Rain. I make fun of myself like it's my goddamn occupation. Call me Sarah. Fifteen years ancient. Too opinionated for my own good.
What the fuck,Tumblr?

You’ve been acting like a complete douche lately. 

This is the product of an experiment done by the renowned inventor Sir Thomas Edison. That son of a bitch killed many animals,including dogs,cats,and a circus elephant, to test his electricity theory. I hate him,I don’t care that he made a great thing,this is just grade A bullshit.

Right now there are millions of women addicted to crack who are going to give birth. Their babies are born with birth defects most of the time and go through withdrawals just like adults would. Most of the parents leave their babies at the hospital and never look back.

I sing Party Rock to the cutest little boy in the world,and he sings along with me. We even say the “doo doo doo doo-doo-doo” part. He’s 2 and a half,and he’s already a lot cooler than most people.

The resemblance is uncanny.

I want to climb this mothaafuckaa

  •   okay,I’m in an all-things-trees mood.

Palm trees never looked so dramatic.

It must be true what people say,that only time can heal the pain.

Someone explain to me…

why I just busted out into a rendition of Misery Business.

I have really long toe-knuckle hair… – Beyondthehoriz0n

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